Free Foreign Exchange Service

Free Foreign Exchange Service

We are dedicated to helping our clients save money by ensuring that you have access to top-end commercial exchange rates. We help our clients receive:

• A dedicated FX Trader
• Free, fast international transfers
• Various contract options to manage FX exposure and reduce risk
• Expert Market Information
• No Commission on all international transfers
• Facility to trade all major global currencies

I aim to provide you with the best exchange rates, together with the most accurate market information to help you make informed decisions when executing a trade.

Save Money

Our competitive exchange rates are designed to potentially save you thousands of pounds, compared to your bank or building society. Savings could be anything up to 5% of the value of your transaction, and there is no commission to pay.

Free fast, Cost-Effective International Transfers

Most of the international transfers we make will reach the receiving bank the same day, there will be no charge for the transfer.

Up-to-date market information

Our daily market updates keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the currency market and the data releases which could ultimately affect your purchase. This will allow you to make the most informed decision possible when fixing your rate of exchange.

Global Foreign Exchange Solutions

We aim to provide the highest possible level of customer service to all clients, allowing you to manage your FX requirements wherever you are in the world.

Currency options tailored for you

With a wide range of flexible options, we aim to tailor the FX services we offer to each individual client. Whether you are buying a property or investment abroad, or transferring a regular pension income to your country of residence, I can help. We offer:

• Straight-forward immediate transfer of funds
• Fixing an exchange rate for up to 2 years, minimising risk and exposure to market fluctuation
• Multiple payment solutions – allowing clients to fix an exchange rate and make payments of the secured currency to more than one destination account
• Regular International Payments Solutions, ideal for pension and mortgage transfers

Market Experts

Our experienced team of FX Traders are here to help, providing you with insight into the workings of the foreign exchange market, and highlighting the releases that might effect your purchase. Your FX Trader will assist you through the entire process, ensuring that you receive the highest possible level of personal service.
Your Options

Contract Types:

We refer to a currency transfer as a currency “contract”. A contract is simply an agreement to buy or sell currency.

1) Spot contract
Spot contracts are ideal if you have all of your funds available and want to make a fast transfer. You can buy or sell currency for immediate delivery, and benefit from our excellent exchange rates. The “spot” price is the live rate that is available in the interbank currency market.

2) Forward contract
Forward contracts allow you to fix your exchange rate for a future trade, even if you don’t have all of your funds ready. This option allows you to take advantage of favourable exchange rates up to 2 years before you actually need to send your currency. You can buy the currency now, and pay later. A 10% deposit is payable at the outset, followed by 90% when the contract matures. This option is ideal if you are in the process of purchasing an overseas property. Once you have agreed the purchase price it’s important to remember that the cost in Sterling can still rise if the exchange rate moves against you. By fixing your exchange rate using a forward contract you remove this risk and protect yourself from any fall in the value of Sterling.

3) Regular Payments Contract
Ideal for sending a regular fixed amount for monthly payment of overseas expenses with minimal hassle and expense. Simply set up a standing order and let dVFX do the rest. They buy the currency each month and send it to your nominated account.

Order Types:

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and can be difficult to predict, so as well as simply buying at the current rate, dVFX offers the following order types to help you make the most from your transaction. This is particularly relevant to clients who have a strong view on future exchange rates.

1) Buy Now
This is the simplest and most commonly used order type. This means you simply decide when you want to buy or sell currency, and call your dVFX account Trader to make the transaction.

2) Limit Order
A limit order is an order that you leave with your dVFX Trader to buy your currency at a pre-determined market level (i.e. better than the current rate). dVFX Traders monitor your order 24/7 and your currency is purchased automatically when your target level is achieved.

3) Stop Loss Order
A stop loss order allows you to set a minimum rate at which to buy your currency. This would effectively be your worst acceptable exchange rate. If the market falls to this rate, your currency will be purchased automatically. This gives you peace of mind that if you are holding out for an improvement in the exchange rate, you are also protected from a dramatic deterioration in the exchange rate.

Some clients use a limit order and stop loss order together, protecting against risk while hoping to achieve a better rate than is currently available. Whichever level is reached first will be the level that your transaction is completed at. This strategy guarantees that the exchange will be made within a certain price range, helping you to budget in advance. The markets are constantly moving, so our traders will monitor your orders and keep you informed. Orders can be adjusted or cancelled at your instruction at any time prior to being fulfilled.

You will not be asked for payment until your order has been fulfilled (with the exception of some exotic currencies for which dVFX require payment in advance).

Useful Transfer Information

Sending money overseas can be confusing. Depending on which country you are sending money to there are different banking requirements specifying the information that needs to be included on your transfer to ensure it is processed quickly. dVFX are dedicated to making this as simple as possible for you and have prepared the following guide for payments to their most popular destinations.


When you transfer money to European countries you will need the following information:
• Beneficiary name and address
• Bank name and address
• IBAN (International Bank Account Number) – See IBAN key below
• BIC (Bank Identification Code), also known as SWIFT code

An “IBAN” is an International Bank Account Number. It is made up of digits that include the account number, but also include a country code and other information that are necessary to ensure your payment is fast and accurate. The following key shows you the correct format for each European country.


When you transfer money to Australia you will need the following information:
• Beneficiary name and address
• Bank name and address
• Account Number
• BSB number
• BIC (Bank Identification Code), also known as SWIFT code


When you transfer money to the USA you will need the following information:
• Beneficiary name and address
• Bank name and address
• Account Number
• ABA / Routing code (9 digits, identifies bank, used instead of a BIC)
• Routing bank info if applicable

South Africa

When you transfer money to South Africa you will need the following information:
• Beneficiary name and address
• Bank name and address
• Account Number
• BIC (Bank Identification Code), also known as SWIFT code

New Zealand

When you transfer money to New Zealand you will need the following information:
• Beneficiary name and address
• Bank name and address
• Account Number
• BIC (Bank Identification Code), also known as SWIFT code

How To Open An Account

First Step – How to get Started

First, you need to read the enclosed Terms and Conditions at

If you have any queries, or would like to discuss your currency needs in further detail, please get in touch.

Once you are ready to start trading, please complete the application form.

Second Step – Placing Your Trade
Once we have confirmed that your account has been opened, one of our FX Traders will give you a call to finalise your account with you.
By discussing your currency requirements, we will then be able to decide which transaction is most suitable for you. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing that the currency will arrive when you need it, ensuring you have the funds in place by the settlement date.

Final Step – How to Pay & Receiving your Funds

Once we have processed your transaction we will send you a trade confirmation by email, fax or by post. The trade confirmation will show the date on which the transaction will need to be cleared in our account and the settlement date for your currency to be transferred to your onward destination.
We accept payment by CHAPS, which is a same-day transfer done electronically from your bank; BACS which is a three-business day electronic transfer; as well as by cheque which we allow up to 7 working days to be cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will my transfer cost?
A. I strive to offer you a bespoke service and the best exchange rates, and thus, there is no commission and no transfer fees.

Q. How long do my transfers take?
A. We will send the currency as soon as we have cleared the funds in our account. A Spot Contract usually takes around two working days after you have initiated the transaction, whilst Forward Contracts are settled on the pre-arranged settlement date.

Q. When do I need to pay for the contract?
A. For Spot Contracts we usually allow two working days for you to settle the funds with us, for a Forward Contract you will need to have paid us by the pre-agreed settlement date.

Q. What deposit do I have to pay for a Forward Contract?
A. For a Forward contract you will typically be required to put down 10% of the final balance due.

Q. How can I pay for the Foreign Exchange?
A. We accept payment by CHAPS which is a same-day transfer done electronically from your bank, or BACS which is a three-business day electronic transfer.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel my transaction?
A. When you enter an agreement for a foreign exchange transaction, you are legally bound to pay for the currency in full. However, we know that circumstances may change, in which case we will strive to help you either by extending or cancelling your existing contract. Extending your contract will often mean additional costs

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