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What is ESG Investing?

Sustainable investing

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments balance out your portfolio, with significant potential for profits, risk mitigation and lets you  invest according to your risk profile, personal views and ethical standards.

Whether it’s a climate change initiative, human rights issue, or simply to promote equality, more organizations are realizing that investors want to invest ethically, and as a result are changing their culture, the way they operate and the projects they endorse.

"Make your portfolio reflect your best vision for our future.
Always be thinking ahead. Be optimistic.
Think about the world that you want to create,
because sure enough your dollars and mine, our capital, is helping shape the world."

- David Gardner, cofounder, The Motley Fool


Sustainable investing doesn't mean hampering growth.

Investors no longer have to sacrifice performance in order to invest in funds that are doing the right thing. Now you can invest ethically and profitably. In fact, even if you’re not particularly interested in ESG investing, it might be worth your time to review your existing portfolio to see where you could be doing better by looking at certain ESG investments.



What factors do ESG fund managers consider?

  • Environmental – How is the company's energy use and what do they do in terms of waste, pollution or other environmental risks?
  • Social – Who are the company’s business partners? Do they hold the same values? How does the firm treat its employees and stakeholders?
  • Governance – How does the company perform in terms of transparency and accountability? For instance, are there any conflicts of interest on the board?

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