WEBINAR Highlights || Property as an Asset: How to Invest for Less

WEBINAR Highlights || Property as an Asset: How to Invest for Less

On June 2nd, we at NEBA Wealth together with our partners from API Global held a webinar to delve into:

  • why now is a great time to invest in rental properties in the UK;
  • how it works to diversify an investment portfolio;
  • mitigate risks in comparison to other asset classes; and
  • a simplified process to provide an efficient end-to-end solution while investors enjoy a hassle-free, hands-off approach.


Watch the full webinar below:

Read through below for a quick summary and key highlights of the discussion.

Why invest in property now?

The discussion covered the main benefits of investing in real estate, how data and research is used to identify prime locations, all the way to the power of leverage, cash flow simulations to illustrate historical and potential return on capital invested.

A significant point made is how foreign investors, often expatriates, experience barriers to the property market due to geographic and cross-national restraints. This is addressed by taking care of all these hurdles through a streamlined process – wherein the best opportunities for growth are identified, by researching trends in te markets, fiscal policies and private investments – such as where businesses are migrating and therefore creating jobs, which consequently lead to an influx of people looking for property, which leads to a deficit in housing supply given the increased demand.

This helps investors achieve ideal returns, and how our partner API global commits to the same risks (and the management thereof) by putting down a substantial amount of capital.

Hassle-free investing

Investors also receive assistance all throughout the process Рbrokering the deals on your behalf , helping choose the best location according to risk profiles and goals, legal documentation, arranging the contract for a maximum deposit of 25% of the property value,  conveyances, regular updates on construction, completion and handover certificates, even as far as letting, furnishing, building management, vetting tenants to ensure long-term yields and a passive income Рall the way up to property resale.

The future of property investments and the market

The webinar concluded with an interesting Q&A session on market considerations, both for property investors and tenants in a post-covid world, as well as the actions being taken to work towards sustainable development.

If you have any questions or are interested in the right property investment opportunities for you, get in touch through the Contact button at the top or the chat feature on the right side of this page.

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