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If you’re looking for efficient property investment with no fuss and no hassle, then our elite property specialists can oversee everything from conducting due diligence, finding a tenant and even managing the property for you. This includes letting and maintaining upkeep of said property even after your initial investment.

Not only that but our partnership with IP Global means you’ll have exclusive access to some of the UK’s and Europes, most desirable up and coming properties on the market.

More importantly, we’ll put down a substantial deposit of the development’s total cost and are legally responsible for buying any units unsold, giving you peace of mind that we’re as financially committed to the development as you are. Furthermore, our investment team are on the constant lookout for markets that offer a balance of high rent yields, with fundamentals to support future capital appreciation, ensuring you benefit from the best returns.

Once you’ve reserved your unit, our specialists will be there to guide you through every step of the way. This includes legal matters, mortgages and letting, giving you more time to focus on the one thing that matters, maximising your profit returns. You invest and we’ll do the rest, it really is that simple.

The services we offer include:
• Exclusive access to up and coming projects across the UK
• Conducting due diligence on property
• Finding a tenant.
• Mortgage pre-approval; Ascertaining what types of mortgage are right for you, free of charge
• A Solicitor that specialises in off-plan conveyancing for expats and international clients
• Monthly site visits, providing you with regular updates of progress made on development
• Continued maintenance management of property.
• Helping you obtain a mortgage with some of the UK’s leading lenders
• Expert tax advice and insurance for guaranteed rental income
• Overseeing property’s resale

Why the UK?

Landlords, homeowners and property investors should be looking to the north for the best opportunities for property investment.

Manchester will take the lead as the most lucrative UK city for property investment, boasting the most substantial increase in sales prices and rental growth forecast over the next five years, according to JLL’s recent Living With 2020 Vision Regional Forecasts Report. 

The report expects robust price growth and more transactions across Britain’s housing industry during the period 2021-2022. This is partially due to the political and economic turmoil which loomed at the start of 2020. 

It is forecast that from the end of this year through to 2024, the most substantial growth will be seen in the regions of Greater London, the north-west of England and the east, the report reveals. Property prices in these areas are estimated to climb by 17%, 16.5% and 16.4%, respectively. Regional cities in particular are estimated to witness the most significant amount of growth. 

JLL believes that the largest hike in sales prices over the next five years will be seen in Manchester, forecast to surge 17.1%. This is well above the national average of 14.8%. The report also foresees Manchester recording the highest rental growth at a rate of 16.5%. 

The city’s booming economy and ballooning population have been cited as reasons for the surge in property prices. A Stone Real Estate report recently identified Greater Manchester as the most lucrative new-build property hotspot in all of Britain. The north-western region has witnessed massive amounts of growth and development over the last few years. The city’s property market is on track for another record year, with numerous housing projects due for completion.

Beyond the peripheries of Manchester and its surrounding areas, Leeds and Liverpool are also showing extreme potential when it comes to hubs for property investment in the United Kingdom. Both areas are home to a number of housing projects. JLL reveals that property sales prices in Liverpool could jump 13.1% over the next five years, while rental growth could climb 14.8%. 

In Leeds – which was recently identified as the most lucrative city for landlords in the north of England – property prices are expected to climb 13.7%, while rental growth is estimated to rise 14.2%. Economic conditions and population numbers in both cities are forecast to witness significant growth in the next couple of years, and as a result, property analysts are forecasting a boom in the region’s property markets, attracting several opportunities for investment. 

As several cities in the Northern Powerhouse are on track for significant growth, with numerous development and regeneration projects in the pipeline, the property markets in northern England will continue to flourish. Across the next five years, the region is likely to become a playing field for property investors and landlords.

Why Germany?

Up-and-coming tech hubs are becoming top spots for those who wish to invest in property.
Prime properties in areas such as San Francisco, Shenzhen and Berlin, have outperformed hubs such as New York, Singapore and Paris over the past five years, according to data compiled by real estate services company Savills. Prime properties are defined as the top 5% of residences in a market, Bloomberg reports. 

Luxury properties in Shenzhen, one of China’s prime tech hubs, posted a 93% rise in property prices over the last five years ending December. The average cost of property in Shenzhen is now $15,900 per square meter, higher than Los Angeles or Moscow. 

Home to a flourishing start-up landscape, Berlin property prices hiked 53% during the same period, making it the best performing European city according to Savills. In the U.S., San Francisco ranked at top spot with a 28% rise, while properties in New York were down 1% over the five-year stretch. 

“The fortunes of different prime real estate markets have closely followed the changing patterns of wealth generation and, in particular, the rise of tech as a source of wealth,” said Lucian Cook, head of residential research at Savills.

“Some of the more mature prime markets, where banking and finance have historically played more of a role in wealth generation, have been held back by a combination of regulation, taxation and political uncertainty.

“Some of these more established markets are now looking comparatively good value, which is likely to narrow the divide in price growth,” Cook said. “However, areas able to tap into demand from newly created wealth are still expected to perform the most strongly.”

We can help find, purchase, manage and lease as well as resell, as easy as possible whilst you continue to live your life aborad.

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