Investing in Property

Why invest in property?

Investing in real estate gives you a stable cash flow through rental yields, diversity in your portfolio (which is always a key investment strategy) and leverage.

In some cases, depending on where your property investments are located and your nationality, investing in properties gives you certain tax advantages.

Working with us

We work with elite property specialists to match you with efficient property investments with no fuss and no hassle.

  • You get exclusive access to some of the most desirable up and coming properties in the UK and European market.
  • You get the peace of mind that we are as financially committed to the development as you are – as a substantial deposit of the development’s total cost and any units unsold are fully covered.
  • Our investment team is constantly on the lookout for markets that offer a balance of high rent yields, with fundamentals to support future capital appreciation, ensuring you benefit from the best returns.

How it works

Once you’ve reserved your unit, our specialists will be there to guide you through every step of the way. This includes legal matters, mortgages and letting.

You invest and we’ll do the rest, it really is that simple.

  • Select from the UK and EU’s top property developments in prime locations.
  • Get a comprehensive market review, forecasts and analysis of your capital growth through rental yields, and a full review of case studies and scenarios with your consultant, complete with your unit cashflow and documentation
  • You get the support of a Solicitor specialising in off-plan conveyancing for expats and international clients.
  • Receive regular updates on the development progress through monthly site inspections and reports.
  • We can also help you obtain a mortgage with some of the UK’s leading lenders, and provide you with expert tax advice and insurance for a guaranteed rental income.

You receive help and guidance at every step of your investment, including continued maintenance and management of the property, up to overseeing the property’s resale.

We help you find, purchase, manage, and lease as well as resell, as easy as possible whilst you continue to live your life abroad.

Get in touch today for more information on exclusive property opportunities around the world available to you.

All the advice I offer is free and without obligation.

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