Lump Sum Solutions

Lump Sum Solutions

Investing large amounts of capital is all about timing.

As explained in the section regarding regular savings, timing is conversely irrelevant due to the great long term benefits. For example,  when markets are falling, by systematically continuing to invest smaller amounts regularly, the timing makes no difference.

Investing large amounts however, takes much more time and focus to ensure you are buying the asset at the optimum time.

Although regular savings is an area we advise most people to consider, you may eventually find yourself sitting on a large amount of capital that isn’t earning you anything. Your capital is being eaten away by the effects of inflation. Many banks in Europe are now charging customers negative interest rates for simply holding onto this cash.

Have you recently received some inheritance?

Have you moved location to location that you now wish to consolidate all your bank accounts into one for easier management?

Don’t want to miss out on an opportunity since the markets present great value?

Many different account types that allow you to deposit large amounts of capital in which no bank will turn you down for doing so. But how can you ensure that all that hard-earned capital is deposited in the best possible place where you can still have access when desired?

Some account types may have restrictions for what you can invest in and provide little to no support on helping you choose and what to manage continually. Furthermore, several banks will offer a fixed return with very little risk, but the caveat is that it’s usually in a weak local currency. Consequently, the actual return isn’t as good in real terms. This may not always be globally

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

I am sure we have all heard this expression, but the reality is, unless you build up all your capital in several account types, you will struggle to manage your wealth both efficiently and effectively.

There are many different solutions that reside offshore, offering huge amounts of protection and thousands of options that will help you diversify. Some of the safest jurisdictions where these accounts domicile, and even offer government-backed investor protection include the Isle of Man or Guernsey.

These accounts allow you to access almost any type of investment such as stocks, mutual funds, ETF, structured products, bonds and currencies etc.

Additionally, they even allow you to move existing investments you may already own under the same structure. The key benefit of this flexibility is mitigating capital gains tax, as you don’t need to sell the asset before transferring. You simply transfer the custody of the investment into the new account alongside the additional capital.

Ultimately, this allows you to invest in an unlimited range of diversified assets, various currencies, in a tax-efficient manner. Thus, allowing you to completely diversify your portfolio whilst ring-fencing it at the same time.

Exclusive Fixed Interest Investments

We have a range of exclusive fixed interest investments that are only available and accessible through accounts mentioned in this lump sum solutions section. These investments protect your capital whilst providing you with a quarterly or annual dividend return. The dividend return will provide you anywhere between 5%-17% annual returns depending on the structure you choose.

Lump Sum Accounts

One of the most popular lump sum solutions is portfolio bonds.

Portfolio bonds have many advantages such as their tax-efficiency, even when moving back to your home country. You also can wrap a portfolio bond in a trust to protect your capital from estate tax or inheritance tax. Please browse through the individual section on portfolio bonds for further information.

Portfolio bonds are generally more suitable for larger amounts of capital over $50,000. There is however a whole range of other products available for smaller amounts of capital, such as platform accounts.  Working with me, you get access to an exclusive range of funds and fixed interest solutions.

All of these accounts offer high levels of protection, access to an unlimited range of investments and easy access and management.

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